Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Press Kit

A warm and hearty welcome to all our friends from the Media and colleagues to the events conducted by the Madras Motor Sports Club. We are one of the oldest not-for-profit clubs dedicated to the development of motorsport in India. We conduct all types of motorsport events – Races, Rallies and Drag – and for all types of vehicles, two-wheeler, four-wheeler and trucks. With a highly professional and experienced team of officials, we have been successfully conducting National and International events for over FIVE decades. Being the most experienced organisers of motorsport events in India, we are the National Championship rights holders for Motorcycle Racing, Motorcycle Drag and Car Racing for the next five years 2019 – 2023.

Key Media Contacts

Media Officer

Anand Philar
  • 94835 48185


David Bodapati
  • 98455 69496

Media Accreditation Process at MMRT

  1. Registration at the Media Centre, ground floor, Tower C1
  2. Registration and accreditation process commence on Friday (or earlier if necessary) of race weekend at 11 am. Contact persons: Anand Philar and / or David Bodapati
  3. Registration and accreditation open ONLY to bonafide Media persons
  4. Accreditation applicants may be required to submit official Media identification cards and, if required, letter of authorisation (on company letter-head) from Editor of publication / agency (online or offline), confirming allocation of assignment to the applicant (in case of freelance reporter / photographer)
  5. Accreditation tags, to be displayed prominently on person at all times, and Media vehicle passes are issued ONLY on completion of registration formalities
  6. Accredited Photographers will be issued with a numbered tabard / bib to be worn at all times when at the track along with the Media tag. The tabard / bib to be returned to the Media centre on completion of the programme on Sunday of the race weekend.

Media Access

  1. Accredited reporters – All-area access, except trackside
  2. Accredited photographers – All-area and DESIGNATED trackside vantage points. Photographers are requested to obey and respect instructions from race officials / trackside Marshals / security personnel at ALL TIMES

Media Centre

  • The Media Centre opens at 11 am on Friday of the race weekend for registration and accreditation, and at 8 am on race days (Saturday, Sunday) and will close only when the last journalist / photographer leaves on completion of his / her work.
  • For the benefit and comfort of working Media, a fully air-conditioned room is made available with work stations and wi-fi connectivity, besides refreshments (water and soft drinks).
  • However, the Media is requested to come prepared with own equipment, especially wi-fi kit / gear, as a standby.
  • On occasions, the Media Centre may also be used for Press Conferences, especially post-race.

Official Press Releases and Photographs

  • An official Press Release accompanied by relevant photograph/s will be issued at the end of the competition of day’s programme.
  • A pre-event release / curtain-raiser will also be issued a couple of days prior to the commencement of the race programme.
  • The above material will be mailed to all Media persons listed with the Media Officer.
  • The Media persons are welcome to register their valid contact details (mail id, phone number, name of publication etc) with the Media Officer in advance for inclusion in the official Media Contacts / Mailing List to receive information, race reports and photographs.