Women’s Rallies

Indian oil sponsored the first ONLY LADIES RALLY in the 1970s. Interestingly nearly 150 ladies registered for it. (This is 4 per car). There was also a first time rally for ladies very soon from Madras to Pondy. This again saw a record number of entries. We now have the popular Duchess Club Rally and other exclusive rallies for women. Some of the novices have become real professional these days!


A few Lady Racers & Rally Drivers in Madras

  • Indra Chandhok
  • Indra Subramanyam
  • Uma Hatraia
  • Savita Idnani
  • Archana Chandhok
  • Menaka Prabhakar
  • Katies Bhathena from Bombay
  • Mehru Belgamwala
  • Sangeeth Chopra
  • Alisha Abdullah (a biker too!)
  • Pramila Jacob
  • Lita Srinivasan