Sholavaram Airfield and Motor Sports in Madras

Sholavaram Track Stats

Originally the track was south and west wings of a L-shaped area.  A tight left after the start and a fast right – hander after two U-turns completed the 2-mile circuit.
Then, the east-west straight was used with a portion of the northern runway, making it a T shaped track.
Later the 150′ wide runway was divided by having a 80′ no-man’s land in the centre with 35′ wide tracks on the two sides.

A few prominent drivers at Sholavaram

  • Maharajkumar of Gondal
  • A.D. Jayaram from Bangalore
  • Maharajkumar of Wadhwan
  • David Peiris of Ceylon
  • B Vijayakumarrom Coimbatore
  • Niaz Ali from Calcutta
  • Farad Bathena fro Bombay
  • Kamlesh Patel from Madras
  • Sunil Shanbhag from Bombay
  • Karivaradhan from Coimbatore
  • Vicky Chandok from Madras
  • Vijay Mallya From Bangalore
  • Jim Crawford (a Scot) from USA
  • Kinny Lal from Calcutta
  • Suresh Naikfrom Bombay
  • Nazir Hussein from Bombay
  • Dr.C. Rossi (an Italian) from Bombay
  • M. Nilakantan from Madras, (President MMSC – an orthodox person
    with a tuff and a dhoti, with an incredible passion for motor sports!)

A Few prominent Bikers at Sholavaram

  • Hazueman bin Abdul Aziz from Malaysia
  • Sonny Soh from Malaysia
  • “Bullet” Bhasky from Madras
  • G. Subash Chandra Bose from Madras – (most award winning Indian biker)
  • Chris Mortimer from England
  • Sadao Asmai (from Japan, then ranked #4 in the world)
  • Sheriff Dayan from Madras
  • Zacky Dean from Ceylon
  • Krishnaswamy from Coimbtatore
  • Sadao Asami from Japan
  • P.D. Sathy from Madras
  • Mike Rauf from Ceylon
  • Priya Munasinghe from Ceylon
  • Raja Sinathorai from Ceylon (an under aged rider with a medical certificate!)