From the Past


  • Twin Wheelers Motor Cycle Club (TWMCC).
  • First motor sports club in Madras.
  • Formed by Rustom “Dusty” Dastur.


  • An MG sports car being off located at The Madras Harbor.
  • Owner an Englishman and Janji K. Varugis of Madras have brief chat on sports cars.
  • Idea of motor sports club formed.


  • First recorded race for cars & bikes.
  • At abandoned World War 2 airfield in Sholavaram.
  • Arranged by TWMCC, including a drag race for mobikes.
  • Rex Strong an Englishman & Janji K. Varugis race 2 MG Sports cars from Chesney Hall, Commander in Chief Road to Catholic Center, Armenian street.
  • Decide to form a motor sports club.
  • Madras Motor Sports Club (MMSC) formed and TWMCC joins it.
  • First race held on Oct. 25th though MMSC still unregistered.
  • Car & Bike races held at Sholavaram by still unregistered MMSC on Oct 25th.
  • Race called the Round table No.3 – Madras Motor Sports Club Races.


  • The First Committee:
  • M. Donner ( President )
  • V. Srinivasan (Hon. Secretary)
  • Janji K. Varugis (Hon. Treasurer)


  • MA Chidambaram (Chairman)
  • Indu Chandhok (Secretary)
  • Govid Swaminathan
  • V. Arul
  • Sivasailam
  • Janji Varugis
  • Officer Commanding IAF Station at Tambaram