Alimon, Muddappa emerge National champions

The 2022 National 2W Drag Racing champions (left to right) - Prashanth, Hemanth Muddappa, Alimon Saidalavi, Saurabh Parab, Bharath Raj and Abdul Shaikh (Dec 30)
  • Alimon, Muddappa emerge National champions
  • Bharath Raj, Lani Zena Fernandez clinch titles

Chennai, December 30: Expectedly, Bengaluru’s Alimon Saidalavi and Hemanth Muddappa clinched the titles in their respective superbike categories as the MMSC fmsci Indian National Motorcycle Drag Racing Championship 2022 concluded at the Madras International Circuit, here on Friday.

Alimon, who remained unbeaten this season by winning all the four rounds astride the Kawasaki Ninja H2, emerged triumphant in the premier Unrestricted category while Muddappa, with three wins in four outings riding the Suzuki Hayabusa, topped the 1051-1650cc class. Muddappa’s team Mantra Racing bagged the team honours in both these superbike classes.

Local rider Bharath Raj (Rockers Racing) hogged the limelight by winning the National titles in two categories – 361-550cc and Upto 165cc – besides helping his team to win the team championship in both the classes.

Puducherry’s Lani Zena Fernandez (RACR Castrol Power Ultimate1) won the Round-4 race which helped her to finish on top in the championship standings in the Girls category (Stock 165cc), just three points ahead of favourite Soundari Ananthraj (AS Motorsports) who finished a distant sixth today.

Mumbai’s Saurabh Parab (Mumbai), with two wins and four podiums, picked up the National crown in the 551-850cc category.

Round-4 results (Provisional, all 4-Stroke Super Sport unless mentioned):

Unrestricted: 1. Alimon Saidalavi (Bengaluru) (07.732secs); 2. Attaulla Baig (Bengaluru) (07.956); 3. Hemanth Muddappa (Bengaluru, Mantra Racing) (07.968). National champion: Alimon Saidalavi (Bengaluru). Team champions: Mantra Racing, Bengaluru.

1051-1650cc: 1. Hemanth Muddappa (Bengaluru, Mantra Racing) (07.866); 2. Mujahid Pasha (Bengaluru) (07.877); 3. Attaulla Baig (Bengaluru) (08.038). National champion: Hemanth Muddappa. Team champions: Mantra Racing, Bengaluru.

851-1050cc (Support race): 1. Saurabh Parabh (Mumbai) (07.827); 2. Hemanth Muddappa (Bengaluru, Mantra Racing) (07.861); 3. Mohammed Riyaz (Hyderabad) (08.029).

551-850cc: 1. Saurabh Parab (Mumbai) (08.476); 2. Mohammed Riyaz (Hyderabad) (08.510); Hemanth Muddappa (Bengaluru, Matra Racing) (08.664). National champion: Saurabh Parabh. Team champions: Mantra Racing, Bengaluru.

361-550cc (Super Sport Indian): 1. Nadeem Pasha (Bengaluru) (12.003); 2. Anish Shetty (Bengaluru, PRN Motorsports) (12.020); 3. Bharath Raj (Chennai, Rockers Racing) (12.029). National champion: Bharath Raj. Team champions: Rockers Racing, Chennai.

166-225cc (Support race); 1. Badhusha M (Chennai) (13.438); 2. Srikantha P (Bengaluru) (13.647); 3. Aiyaz Rem (Bengaluru) (14.297).

Upto 165cc (Super Sport Indian): 1. Mohammed Fazil (Bengaluru) (14.095); 2. Mohammed Arfath (Bengaluru) (14.214); 3. Yogeshwaran (Chennai) (14.654). National champion: Bharath Raj. Team champions: Rockers Racing, Chennai.

2-Stroke 131-165cc: 1. Prashanth (Bengaluru) (12.822); 2. Ashok S (Bengaluru) (12.995); 3. Abdul Shaikh (Bengaluru) (13.115). National champion: Prashanth. Team champions: Rockers Racing, Chennai.

2-Stroke Upto 130cc: 1. Madhan Kumar R (Chennai) (13.517); 2. Abdul Shaikh (Bengaluru) (13.551); 3. Arvind Ganesh (Chennai, AP Motorsports) (13.611). National champion: Abdul Shaikh. Team champions: AP Motorsports, Chennai.

GIRLS (165cc, Novice): 1. Lani Zena Fernandez (Puducherry, RACR Castrol Power Ultimate 1) (16.461); 2. Nivetha Jessica (Chennai) (16.601); 3. Aditi Krishnan (Bengaluru) (16.619). National champion: Lani Zena Fernandez. Team champions: Axor Sparks Racing, Chennai.


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