Chennai: Jagan Kumar of Team TVS Racing came back strongly to win the second race of the premium Super Sport Indian 165cc category as the third round of the MRF MMSC FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship concluded at the MMRT near here on Sunday.

Sarath Kumar of Honda Ten10 Racing finished second while R Deepak of RACR came third. Jagan, who had crashed in the first race on Saturday, continues to lead the championship table with 108 points.

In the Pro Stock 165cc category, Rajiv Sethu of Honda Ten10 Racing won Race 2 while Prabhu Arunagiri came second. Hari Krishnan R was third which helped him to maintain his lead on the leadernoard.

The Stock 165cc class race saw Joseph Mathew of Sparks Racing clinching a fine win after taking the lead in the very first lap as he pushed championship leader Antony Peter to second place.

Later, Soorya too overtook Peter, but the latter gained back his place and was running second behind Mathew for three laps. However, in the last lap Anish Damodara Shetty of United TechTorque Racing unleashed a sprint to take second place. He zoomed from P5 to P2 and edged out Peter to third place at the flag.

Ami Van Poederooijen won a double in the 300cc to 400cc group of the Super Sport Indian class while Yashas RL of Bengaluru won both the races in the Apache RTR 200 Novice class.

Mathana Kumar of Honda Ten10 Racing also won a double in the Honda CBR 250 Open class while Joseph Mathew who had won the Stock 165cc race in the morning also clinched the Suzuki Gixxer Cup (Novice) race in the evening.

The results (Provisional, all six laps unless mentioned):

National Championship – Super Sport Indian 165cc (Race 2, 6 laps): Jagan Kumar (TVS Racing) (12mins, 06.640secs); 2. Sarath Kumar (Honda Ten10 Racing) (12:08.308); Deepak Ravikumar (RACR) (12:10.166).

Super Sport Indian 300-400cc (Race 2, 6 laps): 1. Ami van Poederooijen (Rockstar Racing) (12:00.133); 2. Abhishek Vasudev (Rockstar Racing) (12:05.972); 3. Ananth Raj P (Pro Lap Racing) (12:06.731).

Pro-Stock 165cc (Race 2, 6 laps): 1. Rajiv Sethu (Honda Ten10 Racing) (12:30.730); 2. Prabhu A (RACR) (12:38.378); 3. Hari Krishnan (Honda Ten10 Racing) (12:38.486).

Stock 165cc (Race 2, 6 laps): 1. Joseph Mathew (Sparks Racing) (13:15.875); 2. Anish Shetty (United Tech Torque) (13:16.507); 3. Antony Peter (Performance Racing) (13:17.602).

One-Make Championship – Honda-MMSC CBR 250 Open (Race 2, 6 laps): 1. Mathana Kumar (Honda Ten10 Racing) (12:23.810); 2. Hari Krishnan (Honda Ten10 Racing) (12:24.052); 3. Rajiv Sethu (Honda Ten10 Racing) (12:33.133). CBR 150 Novice (Race 2, 4 laps): 1. Anish Shetty (Hubballi) (08:53.364); 2. Soorya PM (Chennai) (08:53.692); 3. Piyush Ranjan (Patna) (08:56.269).

TVS-MMSC Apache RTR 200 – Open (Race 2, 6 laps): 1. Kannan Karnan (Chennai) (13:19.835); 2. Vivek Pillai (Chennai) (13:33.715); 3. T Ramakrishnan (Tirunelveli) (13:34.413). Novice (Race 2, 4 laps): 1. Yashas RL (Bengaluru) (08:49.976); 2.Yuvaraj S (Chennai) (09:03.026); 3. Kamran Alam (Patna) (09:03.289).

Suzuki Gixxer Cup –  Open  (Race 2): 1. Meka Vidhuraj (Andhra) (13:32.811); 2. Vivian Gladwin David (Kanpur) (13:32.826); 3. Rajanikanth B (Chennai) (13:32.993). Novice (Race 3, 4 laps): 1. Joseph Mathew (Chennai) (08:59.288); 2. Antony Peter (Coimbatore) (09:00.965); 3. Amarnath Rajan (Chennai) (09:12.665). Rookie Cup: 1. Sachin Choudhary (Ahmedabad) (09:01.111); 2. AS Alexander (Chennai) (09:22.302); S. Varoon (Chennai) (09:24.414).

Support Races – Superbikes 1000cc (Race 2, 6 laps): 1. Deepak Ravikumar (Chennai) (11:28.646); 2. Naresh Babu J (Chennai) (11:42.905); 117); 3. Rizwan Khan (Mysuru) (11:45.710). 600cc: 1.Siddhanth Koundinya (Bengaluru) (11:42.612); 2.Devaraj Durairaj (Chennai) (12:19.440); 3.A Vijaya Balaji (Chennai) (12:25.409).


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