Hemanth Muddappa in action (Oct 3)
  • Hemanth Muddappa notches a double
  • Aiyaz Rem, Bharath Raj, Madhan Kumar top

Chennai, October 3: Hemanth Muddappa (Mantra Racing) from Bengaluru expectedly completed a double in the second round of the MMSC fmsci Indian National Motorcycle Drag Racing Championship which concluded at the MMRT, here on Sunday.

Muddappa, the reigning National champion, topped the Super Sport Above 1051cc astride a Suzuki Hayabusa which attained a top speed of 231 Kmph, as he overcame fellow-Bengalureans Hafizullah Khan and Vignesh Purushotham.

Later, Muddappa won in the Super Sport 851-1050cc category riding a BMW S1000 ahead of arch-rival Mohd Riyaz (Hyderabad) and Bengaluru’s Sugan Prasad.

Another Bengalurean, Aiyaz Rem won the Super Sport Indian 361-550cc category run while Chennai riders, Bharath Raj (226-360cc) and S Madhan Kumar (165cc) were the day’s other winners in their respective categories.

Winner of Super Sport 851-1050cc category Hemanth Muddappa (centre) flanked by second-placed Mohd Riyaz (left) and third placed Sugan Prasad (Oct 03)

The results (all 4-Stroke):

Above 1051cc (Super Sport): 1. Hemanth Muddappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru) (08.061secs); 2. Hafizullah Khan (Bengaluru) (08.396); 3. Vignesh Purushotham (Bengaluru) (08.409).

851-1050cc (SS): 1. Hemanth Muddappa (07.914); 2. Mohd Riyaz (Hyderabad) (08.058); 3. Sugan Prasad (Bengaluru) (08.421).

361-550cc (SS Indian): 1. Aiyaz Rem (Bengaluru) (12.368); 2. Yogeshwaran (Speed Up Racing, Chennai) (12.620); 3. D Annish Samson (Speed Up Racing, Bengaluru) (12.658).

226-360cc (SS Indian): 1. Bharath Raj (Chennai) (12.427); 2. Mohammed Shakir (Chennai) (12.655); 3. Yogeshwaran (Chennai) (13.014).

Up to 165cc (SS Indian): 1. S Madhan Kumar (Chennai) (13.826); 2. Kevin Kannan (Chennai) (13.990); 3. Kannan S (Chennai) (14.472).


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