Soundari Sindy (left), winner in Girls category and Mohd Rafiq who achieved a double (Oct 2)
  • Double for Bengaluru rider Mohd Rafiq
  • Soundari Sindy tops in Girls category

Chennai, October 2: Bengaluru’s Mohd Rafiq dominated the opening day’s proceedings in the second round of MMSC fmsci Indian National Motorcycle Drag Racing Championship 2021 at the MMRT, here on Saturday, with a grand double while local challenger, Soundari Sindy topped the Girls category.

Rafiq was in imperious form as he won in both 2-Stroke 165cc and 130cc categories quite comfortably. After a disappointing practice run, he clocked 12.761 seconds in the Final Run of the 165cc class ahead of Chennai’s Prashanth (12.817) and Aiyaz Rem (12.969) for the 400-metre dash.

Mohd Rafiq who scored a double, in action (Oct 2)

Earlier, Rafiq took the honours in the 130cc category with 12.962 seconds, followed by two others from Bengaluru, Touheed (13.438) and Abdul G (13.513).

Sindy emerged triumphant in a three-way battle in the Girls category (4-Stroke 165cc) as she overcame fellow-Chennai competitors Lani Zena Fernandez and Nivetha Jessica.

The two-day event concludes on Sunday when four-stroke bikes, including the superbikes, will be seen in action.

Soundari Sindy, winner in Girls category, in action (Oct 2)

The results:

Girls (4-stroke, up to 165cc): 1. Soundari Sindy (Chennai) (16.462secs); 2. Lani Zena Fernandez (Chennai) (16.522); 3. Nivetha Jessica (Chennai) (17.291).

2-Stroke (up to 165cc): 1. Mohd Rafiq (Bengaluru) (12.761); 2. Prashanth (Chennai) (12.817); 3. Aiyaz Rem (12.969). Up to 130cc: 1. Mohd Rafiq (12.962); 2. Touheed (Bengaluru) (13.438); 3. Abdul G (Bengaluru) (13.513).


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